I’m glad you stopped by. I would like for you to meet a very special family (a family of my imagination)—the American MacPherson clan. At the beginning of the 19th Century, Angus MacPherson and Mary Campbell sailed to America. During that trip, they married and started a new life together. As they moved from New York to Pennsylvania to the Kansas Territory, and finally settled in the Colorado Territory, their family grew as children were born, grew into adults, married and had children of their own. But along the way the family also shrank as some of those same children and their families took different paths of their own—some to Texas, some to Wyoming, and some I’m still trying to track down so I can write their stories.

You can learn more about my MacPhersons on my blog and on my quarterly newsletter. If you want to “visit” the MacPherson cousins in different states, they live in my MacPherson Brides series. Click on “My Book” on the tab above and see who you’d like to visit first. Even though the series is number 1-10, each state set can be read in any order. It’s like you are visiting states at different times.

I hope you enjoy reading about this wonderful family as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

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